The Entrepreneur’s Survival Handbook: A Deck of 52 Insightful Pointers From an Experienced Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be a risky endeavor and is not for everyone. For those choosing an entrepreneurial path, I believe it is important for them to have a guide, a survival handbook that will expose them to potential problems and ways to deal with them during their journey. There are a plethora of books and information available on how to start a business. What I found missing were the stories and challenges entrepreneurs face that are not common knowledge or openly discussed.
The information found in this Handbook is based on my experiences as an entrepreneur for 30+ years. Using this expertise, I co-founded JET Equipment Corporation, an African American-owned product identification equipment company, and I later founded JETEC Corporation.
I chose to provide fifty-two pointers so that the reader can pick a pointer each week, study it, and then record the desired actions or goals that were generated from studying the pointer. They can also treat them like a deck of cards, shuffle them up, and then select a pointer to study, discuss, and then set actions or goals.
This Handbook can also complement other textbooks used within college and university entrepreneurial programs. The information found within can be a valuable resource when starting a business, creating business plans, or performing consulting services for companies.
Let’s get started by learning how I became an entrepreneur.